Product Review: Flex Discreet(Spectacle Hook)
spectacle temple tip
Flex Discreet from Beta-Simplicity (Image courtesy of Beta-Simplicity)
Anchorage   ★★☆☆☆
Comfort   ★★★★★
Looks   ★★★★☆

Features/Characteristics Comments
Flexible tail Good: Very comfortable. Almost can't feel it. Allows you to push it right to the back of your ears
Bad: May not be able to secure very heavy glass lens.
Excellent elasticity Good: Easy to fit into wide spectacle temple
Bad: May slowly slip down from spectacle temple
Aesthetic design Good: Looks pleasant.
Durability Good: Does not age and will maintain elasticity over many months.
Price Neutral: Mid-range pricing
spectacle temple tip

Flex Discreet is a class of its own in terms of discreet, aesthetics and comfort. A major deviation in its design from other spectacle hooks is its short and flexible tail. The flexible tail provides a soft touch to the back of the ear and this makes it very comfortable to wear. This also allows it to be adjusted right to the back of your ears without feeling any soreness. Relatively short and comes in three colors, this spectacle hook is discreet yet have a pleasant look when seen by casual observers. Its short and flexible tail also allows you to use your spectacles normally when putting on and taking off without compensating for its presence. You may even sit your spectacle on top of your head without the spectacle hook getting in the way.

This spectacle hook is designed to stop slipping spectacle instead of securing it. The difference is that for normal non-contact sports, it is good enough to stop your spectacle from slipping. Flex discreet is designed for gym users or runners who wear spectacles where perspiration causes their spectacle to slip during their workout. While most spectacle hooks do not look good when worn in office prior to the workout, Flex Discreet addresses that concern. Do note that this spectacle hook is not designed to secure your spectacle if something or someone knocks it. For most users, the spectacle hook is used for stopping slipping spectacles and this will be ideal.

Made of high quality food-grade silicone, it is very elastic and has been shown to be able to slip over spectacles with temple tip width of 12 mm wide. Unfortunately, its approximately 4 mm slot length meant that it is not suitable for spectacle temple with width less than that. At a price tag that is more than regular spectacle hook, it is wise to check the width of the spectacle temple where it is likely to be placed before purchasing. Note that while most spectacle hook is placed close to the tip of the spectacle temple, Flex discreet is designed to sit right to the back of your ear where the spectacle temple may be narrower.

For spectacle hook, Flex discreet is engineered with the user's comfort in mind. It has a pleasant look and does its job of stopping spectacle from slipping during daily wear or when exercising. While its good elasticity allows it to fit over spectacle temples that goes up to 12 mm width, it is not suitable for spectacle temple width that is less than 4 mm.

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