Product Review: Spectacle Hook Clear or Spectacle temple tip clear
spectacle temple tip
Common long transparent spectacle temple tip
Anchorage   ★★★★☆
Comfort   ★★☆☆☆
Looks   ★★☆☆☆

Features/Characteristics Comments
Clear and transparent Still visible at the back of the ear although less eye-catching
Long tail Good: Provide support at the back of the ear
Bad: Increase visibility of hook which is not designed to look good.
Poor elasticity Good: Grip onto spectacle temple/arm well
Bad: Difficult to fit. Limited range of temples that can be fitted on.
Temple hook slot Bad: Thick wall. Will cause irritation if it is placed too near to the back of the ear.
Forward pointing head Good: More secure. Bad: Will cause irritation if it touches the top of the ear.
Durability Bad: Will age over a few months which cause the hook to harden. May not be adjustable on the temple after that.
Price Good: One of the cheapest in the market
spectacle temple tip

This clear spectacle hook is one of the most commonly seen designs in the market and generally one of the lowest priced spectacle hooks. It is a generic spectacle hook design and is often sold under different names or brands. It is clear and transparent which makes it less obvious than the coloured hooks of the same design. The slot is tapered with a larger front opening and a smaller exit hole which allows it to fit over temple that is about 4 to 7 mm wide although it will need some effort to fit over wider temples. As the material is not very elastic, it will fit tightly on the temple and maintain its position. The long leg ensures that the hook will reach the back of the ear providing anchorage from behind. When positioned properly, it is comfortable and will be able to stop spectacle from slipping.

This design is more suitable for skull temple. As the front opening of the hook is extended forward, the corners of the opening will be in contact with the top of the ear if it is pushed too close to the ear resulting in a pressure point that will cause discomfort over time. The wall of the slot is also thick and it may cause discomfort if it is pressed against the head which will be the case if it is pushed closed to the top of the ear. In a skull temple spectacle, the hook may be placed about 10 to 20 mm from the top of the ear and the tip of the hook will be in contact with the back of the ear, providing anchorage. At this position, the top of the hook will not come into contact with the ear or head. This design is not appropriate for library/straight-arm temple as the hook will need to be positioned closed to the top of the ear to provide anchorage. This will cause discomfort at the top of the ear and the side of the head after some time.

Given that the material is not very elastic and it is quite visible from the side despite its transparency, it is recommended only for skull temple spectacles and in activity where functional requirement is needed and aesthetics are not important. It is also for spectacle where the hook is a permanent fixture. This material will age over time and lose its elasticity. After a few months, it may not be possible to readjust the position of the hook or to use it on another spectacle.

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