Product Review: Mini Spectacle Temple Tip
spectacle temple tip
Anchorage   ★☆☆☆☆
Comfort   ★☆☆☆☆
Looks   ★★★☆☆

Features/Characteristics Comments
Short Tail Good: Low profile
Bad: Angled backwards which result in little anchorage.
Small slot Good: Grip onto spectacle temple/arm well. Able to fit smaller temples (up to 4 mm).
Bad: Require some effort to fit.
Temple hook slot Bad: Thick wall. Will cause irritation when it is pressed against the side of the head.
Forward pointing head Good: More secure.
Bad: Will cause irritation when it touches the top of the ear.
spectacle temple tip

spectacle temple tip
The temple tip needs to be pushed right to the top of the ear to provide anchorage but this also cause discomfort.

Temple tips generally serve a functional purpose and most users would like it to be discreet. As most spectacles are already adjusted from the optometrist, only a slight anchorage is required to prevent the spectacle from slipping. This mini temple tip has a very short tail which makes it less obvious from the back. The slot is also one of the smallest in the market which makes it suitable for narrow spectacle temple.

The very short tail of this temple tip is both an advantage and disadvantage. The short tail is angled towards the back so that it rests on the back of the ear where it makes contact. This also makes the contact point of the tail comfortable and it is also easier to take off the spectacle. However, this also resulted in it not coming into contact with the back of the ear until the head or the front opening of the temple tip is pushed very much forward on the spectacle temple/arm. This is often to the extent that the edge of the front opening of the temple tip is sitting on top of the ear instead of the spectacle temple itself. The wall of the slot is also relatively thick and with this temple tip pressing against the side of the head and on top of the ear, it will get uncomfortable very quickly. The anchorage is also very weak as it is mainly the upper half of the temple tip that comes into contact with the ear. Although the anchorage is sufficient to prevent spectacle slipping for routine wear, it may not be sufficient for high impact sports or activities.

The mini black temple tip comes about from market demand for a low profile and functional temple tip. However, for this design, it is likely to be uncomfortable on properly adjusted spectacle temple as the thick wall of the temple tip slot is being pressed against the head. The base of the temple tip head sitting on top of the ear would also cause discomfort. The small slot makes it suitable for narrow spectacle temple but it will be a difficult fit for most common spectacle temples.

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