Product Review: Short and clear Spectacle Hook or Spectacle temple tip
spectacle temple tip
Common short transparent spectacle temple tip
Anchorage   ★★☆☆☆
Comfort   ★☆☆☆☆
Looks   ★★★☆☆

Features/Characteristics Comments
Clear and transparent Still visible at the back of the ear although less eye-catching
Short tail Good: Discreet as it seats behind the ear
Bad: Tip of tail sitting on the top of the ear instead of from behind.
Poor elasticity Good: Grip onto spectacle temple/arm well
Bad: Difficult to fit. Limited range of temples that can be fitted on.
Temple hook slot Bad: Thick wall. Will cause irritation if it is placed too near to the back of the ear.
Forward pointing head Good: More secure. Bad: Will cause irritation if it touches the top of the ear.
Durability Bad: Will age over a few months which cause the hook to harden. May not be adjustable on the temple after that.
Price Good: One of the cheapest in the market
spectacle temple tip

A short spectacle temple tip is designed to address the nuisance of slipping spectacle without being too visible. In the design above, the pistol shape with short tail and clear and transparent material makes it more discreet than longer tail and coloured spectacle hooks. For individuals with longer hair, this spectacle hook is almost invisible.

For daily wear and light activity, this shortened tail spectacle hook is just as effective in preventing slipping spectacle as longer spectacle hook. The relatively stiff material gives it a tight grip on the spectacle temple although fitting into the temple may be difficult.

spectacle temple tip
Although the spectacle hook feels ok initially, the front edge of the opening will cause a pain point close to the top of the ear after a few hours of wearing.

Although a short tail keeps the spectacle hook discreet, it also brings along some short-comings. As it has a short tail, the tip of the tail is resting on the back of the ear from the top instead of from behind. This may cause soreness where the tip of the tail touches the ear after a few days. The material used is rather hard and inelastic which makes it uncomfortable at the point of contact with the skin. It also ages quickly when exposed to sunlight and in a few weeks, it becomes noticeably hard compared to when it was new. Placement of the hook needs to be set in a week or two as subsequent adjustment will be difficult as the material loses its elasticity. The forward pointing opening also makes it unsuitable for placement close to the ear as it will cause discomfort to the top of the ear.

This is one of the most discreet spectacle hooks available in the market. Its short tail is able to prevent slipping spectacle. However, as the material is quite hard and the tip of the tail is in contact with the back of the ear from above, it can get uncomfortable for users after extended use. This is probably more suitable for temporary use when anchorage is needed for a few hours.

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