Product Review: Velcro Adjustable Spectacle Strap
Velcro adjustable eyewear strap
Security   ★★★★☆
Comfort   ★☆☆☆☆
Looks   ★★☆☆☆

Features/Characteristics Comments
Velcro secure Good: Easy to secure and remove. Length of straps can be tailored by estimating the length to be secured.
Bad: You don't want sand and dirt to get stuck in the Velcro.
Rubber ends Good: Easy to put onto most eyewear temples
Bad: Chunky and may interfere with the temple that is contoured to fit on your head.
Adjustable length (minimum: 185mm; maximum: 300 mm) Good: No loose dangling ends
Bad: Difficult to estimate the optimum length. Have to estimate the length each time you put on the strap.
Velcro adjustable eyewear strap

The Velcro adjustable spectacle strap is easy and straight forward to put on and use. It comes in two parts that are stuck together by the Velcro. The rubberized loop at its end fit over most but the smallest of spectacle temple. After which the user will have to estimate the desired fit and stick the Velcro together. There are no loose ends once fitted and the straps can be easily released by pulling the Velcro apart.

One of the biggest drawbacks in this product is its rubber ends. They are chunky and when the temple is adjusted properly to sit close to the head, the rubber ends will get in the way. The Velcro is also very stiff which causes it to sit higher on the head especially for library/straight-arm temple. While it be very good in keeping the eyewear secure, it is not very comfortable to use.

Velcro adjustable eyewear strap
Velcro adjustable eyewear strap fitted onto a library temple spectacle.
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