Product Review: Wedge Classic - Black (Spectacle Hook)
spectacle temple tip
Wedge Classic from Beta-Simplicity (Image courtesy of Beta-Simplicity)
Anchorage   ★★★★☆
Comfort   ★★★★☆
Looks   ★☆☆☆☆

Features/Characteristics Comments
Crescent hook Good: Provide good anchorage at the back of the ear
Bad: Increase visibility of hook which is not designed to look good.
Excellent elasticity Good: Easy to fit into wide spectacle temple
Bad: May slowly slip down from spectacle temple
Dual temple slots Good: Able to fit a wide range of spectacle temple ranging from 2 mm to 10 mm
Adjustment tab Good: Easy on-site adjustment with the spectacle sitting on your ears
Bad: No adjustment tab if the narrow slot is used
Circular hole at side of hook Good: May be used to secure lanyard
Angled main slot opening Good: Able to slip the spectacle hook right to the back of the ear for maximum anchorage.
Durability Good: Does not age and will maintain elasticity over many months.
Price Neutral: Mid-range pricing
spectacle temple tip

Wedge Classic by Beta-Simplicity, released in 2015, features several design innovation from the common spectacle hook. An immediate difference is its distinct crescent shape which contours round the back of the ear. This increases the area of contact between this spectacle hook and the ear which reduces pressure on the ear and increases comfort level. For a user of conventional spectacle hook, the greater comfort of wearing Wedge Classic can be felt immediately especially in library temple spectacle where the spectacle hook can be positioned right behind the ears.

The Wedge Classic is designed to fit both skull temple and library/straight-arm temple spectacle. Although it is equally effective in anchoring both spectacle temple designs, the crescent shape makes it most suitable for library/straight-arm temple spectacle. The curved larger slot makes it possible to push the Wedge Classic right behind the ear where the crescent shape tail effectively follows the contour at the back of the ear. For skull temple, the tip of the Wedge Classic tail is angled towards the back of the ear due to the bend on the temple and the tip usually makes contact with the back of the ear before its head comes close to the top of the ear. Depending on the bend of the skull temple spectacle, it may not be possible to push the Wedge Classic right to the back of the ear without applying excessive pressure on the ears. This constrain also applies to most spectacle hook design with a rigid long tail.

The dual slots system is also a unique feature of Wedge Classic which allows it to be used in both narrow and wide temple. Its thin slot wall and shape of the slot meant that it can be fitted right to the back of the ear which will be uncomfortable to the user for most spectacle hooks found in the market. The narrow slot right at the top will be able to fit spectacle temple from 1 to 3 mm. When fitted using the narrow slot, the spectacle hook feels flimsy due to the large cavity with thin wall below. However, due to its crescent shape, it is able to provide the required anchorage at the back of the ear to prevent the spectacle from slipping. The large slot will probably be more commonly used on most eyewear. The slot is designed for easy fitting and yet secure as it is able to lock onto the spectacle temple when a pressure is applied to the tail.

spectacle temple tip
Self-locking mechanism of Wedge Classic (Image courtesy of Beta-Simplicity)

When the small slot at the top is not in use as will be the case for most eyewear, it becomes a convenient adjustment tab to slide the Wedge Classic along the temple with the eyewear sitting on the ears. It is often difficult to estimate the most comfortable position of a spectacle hook on the temple and the adjustment tab is a useful feature to ensure the fit is right at all times.

The Wedge Classic is very easy to slip onto the spectacle temple. Its large slot with an angled opening and highly elastic thin slot wall makes sure that putting on and removal is a breeze. This makes it easy to transfer between daily wear spectacles and sporting eyewear. For spectacles that are already fitted perfectly, this spectacle hook can be fitted on during sporting activity to secure the spectacle and removed after the activity is over.

Despite its many improvements over current spectacle hooks design, there are some limitations to it. Similar to most spectacle hook in the market. the Wedge Classic is designed for functionaity and its profile may not appeal to users who wish to hide it. Its large slot and easy fitting means that it may slowly slide down the temple although re-adjustment is easy with the adjustment tab.

The Wedge Classic is designed to fit a wide range of spectacle/eyewear temples and probably one of the most versatile available in the market. It is most suited for sporting activity as its crescent shape provides excellent anchorage for the eyewear to the ears. The circular hole at the side of it may be used for tying lanyard for additional security or to hang the eyewear round the neck when it is not in use. Made of soft silicone material, it is very elastic, durable and able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

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