Product Review: Xuan Jie Temple Tips
spectacle temple tip
Xuan Jie Temple Tips
Anchorage   ★☆☆☆☆
Comfort   ★☆☆☆☆
Looks   ★☆☆☆☆

Features/Characteristics Comments
Broad opening Good: Able to fit into broad spectacle temple/arm
Bad: Loose fitting for spectacle temple/arm whose width and length smaller than the slot.
Short tail with forward pointing tip Bad: Dig into the back of the ear.
Moderate elasticity Good: Grip onto spectacle temple/arm well. Able to fit wider temples (up to 12 mm).
Bad: Require some effort to fit.
Temple hook slot Bad: Thick wall. Will cause irritation when it is pressed against the side of the head.
Forward pointing head Good: More secure.
Bad: Will cause irritation when it touches the top of the ear.
spectacle temple tip

spectacle temple tip
Short forwarding pointing tip of the tail causing discomfort at the back of the ear.

This temple tip features one of the widest slots in the market which makes it suitable for fitting broad spectacle temple/arm. The tab at the top allows users to easily adjust its position along the spectacle temple/arm when worn.

Except for users with spectacle temple that is wide and broad such that all other temple tips are not able to fit onto it, it is not advisable to get this. As the slot width is wider than most spectacle temple, it will not be able to grip onto the spectacle temple if the width of the temple is shorter than the length of the slot. The forward protruding front opening and short hook also makes it more likely that the edge of the front opening touches the ear instead of its tail causing discomfort. The short, forward curving tip of the tail would also dig into the back of the ear making it uncomfortable.

Given that the material is opaque with a broad head, it is visible from the side and from behind. This temple tip is generally not recommended for most users except when the spectacle temple is wide and broad and other more comfortable temple tip is unable to fit in.

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